In the commune of Dobrova – Polhov Gradec, we want to revitalize local creative community. We organized creative meetings for local artists and artisans.


Local creative people who participated to the project are designers, illustrators, herbalists, bread bakers, dairy and soap makers or they are doing embroidery, paper flowers, woven and wooden products. We held meetings in Polhograjski Castle. It was important that we create a safe, open and welcoming space, where artisans could meet, experiment, share ideas, exchange opinions and stories. During the meetings we helped to guide the process, support those who are giving informational inputs and, especially, help the group understand what are their real individual needs and their motivation to working together for the common good. 


We used the basic principles of Participatory leadership and Art of Hosting based on respect and inclusion of all participants. Through the experience we all learned that participation, collaboration and connection in the group, makes us stronger and more powerful as individuals. For artisans was important to find new ways of working, living, growing, connecting into group. Now they feel stronger and ready for new challenges.


The project was supported by RRA LUR, the Municipality of Ljubljana and Municipality of Dobrova – Polhov Gradec.



Photography: Oloop