REVEALED HANDS / Human and business achievements
REVEALED HANDS / Human and business achievements

The basic idea of the Revealed Hands project is artistically unique in Slovenia. In the project, a contemporary design theme is enriched and intertwined with socially engaged content. In addition to an aesthetic design solution, it also highlights the problems of female immigrants and aims to provide possibilities for social integration and material and spiritual survival for female immigrants from former Yugoslavian republics and women with the right of asylum.


The project was aimed at vulnerable groups of people, mainly immigrants living in Jesenice and female asylum holders from Asylum home in Ljubljana. The desire was to additionally educate them in the field of textile design, creation of video, marketing and sales topics, humanitarian work, and social skills, and therefore psychosocially empower. The results of a project is a collection of hand-made cushions of superior design, made from organic woollen yarn from Slovenian sheep, and dyed with natural dyes. Each product, like its maker, is unique. The collection of cushions is the beginning of a sales business model that could allow women-maker with an additional source of income.


The project was co-created by Oloop group together with Humanitarian Charity Society Up from Jesenice and other creators – film director Miha Možina, Poligon creative team, design manager Mojca Mihajlovič, photographer Kristjan Jarni and others. The project was realized with the support of Slovenian Ministry of Culture and the European Social Fund.



Photography: Aleksander Lilik, Kristjan Jarni, Oloop archive