Oloop gathers three textile designers and artists – Katja Burger, Tjaša Bavcon, and Jasmina Ferček. We have acquired our knowledge and experience with education at home and abroad, and have been active under this name since 2003, when we founded the Oloop institution for contemporary textile art and design. We work in many different fields of visual arts – product design, spatial design, textile art etc. At the same time we conduct educational activities (lectures, workshops) and have lately began to connect design with socially engaged projects.


All these years the Oloop group participates in the most important Slovenian design exhibitions at home and abroad, and they have gained international recognition and a number of prestigious awards, such as the Red Dot Award.


The following products – Woolen soap, Flying slippers, and Squareplay – are part of the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana. Among projects of note this year is the Revealed Hands project, where design and textile handicraft intertwine with the socialization of a vulnerable group of women.


The Oloop group has since 2010 been researching and developing projects, activities and products under a common theme – Super Hands. By doing this they are raising awareness on the importance of handicraft and its effects on the well being of individuals and communities.