The project City Colours is an urban design laboratory. Its multi-layered concept addresses, strengthens and nourishes the different aspects of the individual and the wider community.


At the same time it raises important questions about the ecology, values and sense of design, art and craft of our times. Ljubljana is like all other cities populated with a unique urban nature, which at first sight provides colour record of the city. However, when we come closer and deeper into it, we can be quite surprised. By harvesting plants and parts of trees and with simple processing methods, we reveal a colourful palette of tones, which symbolically represent the original colours of the city and its nature. We will offer to visitors mysterious traveling through the design process, experimenting with natural dyes and meeting the techniques and materials from which we will create a community collection of useful products.



Photography: Brane Tuma, 

Aleš Černivec, Kristjan Jarni

Barve mesta_foto Brane Tuma 03
barve mesta_02
barve mesta_04
Barve mesta Ljubljana 07-07-2013-12