Design Without Borders

Vienna Design Week

22.9. – 5.10.2023

Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna



As part of Vienna Design Week this year, a retrospective of the Design Without Borders exhibition series presents innovative European projects, mass-produced products as well as unique products that interpret design in a unique way in today’s world.


This year, the Design Without Borders exhibition will be held at the Collegium Hungaricum in Vienna. Visitors will be able to see important projects from the 19-year history of the exhibition. Slovenian designers from the Oloop collective – Tjaša Bavcon, Jasmina Ferček, Katja Burger Kovič with Revealed Hands project and Martina Obid Mlakar with jewellery – will also present their selected works.


The Oloop collective’s twenty years of creative work represents participatory textile production in design and craft that empowers and nurtures various aspects of the individual and the community. Through guided creative processes, the collective opens a space of connection, co-creation, empowerment and sharing. In the exhibition Design Withot Borders, Oloop presents its project Revealed Hands, which was carried out in collaboration with Up Humanitarian Charity and women from Jesenice who are immigrants from different cultural backgrounds. The exhibited textile works, photographs and a short film show the public the unique creativity of this community of women and, above all, highlight the importance of design with textiles for physical, psychological and social well-being.


The presentation of the project was supported by Slovenian Cultural and Information Culture SKICA.



Fotografija Kristjan Jarni