Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana

20.12.2018 – 31.03.2019 



Story of Women is a project on textile and spiritual journey of women of various ages, nationalities, religious background, and life circumstances. The key to create symbols that form a large embroidered textile wall were two key questions: “What makes you happy?; What is important for you?”. The eight-month project was created under the patronage of the design and art group Oloop and the UP Society. The project includes stories and hand-made works of women from the Jesenice House of Luck and applicants for the international protection.


The participating female narrators, embroiderers, designers, and producers: Aleksandra, Bojana, Danica, Fadia, Faila, Fatima, Hasna, Janja, Jasminka, Katja, Krista, Letkidan, Masoumeh, Meleča, Mila, Mirza, Nada, Nasiha, Noor, Saba, Sema, Suada, Stoja, Tjaša


The exhibition belongs to the cycle of visitors’ exhibitions entitled My Life, My World, which complements the permanent exhibition of Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Me and Others: the Images of My World. The exhibition will be on display by the end of March 2019.



Photo by Tjaša Bavcon