The Vajenice are a series of semi-finished products of various sizes and shapes made from wood and wool felt. The little wooden boards with perforated areas are used as embroidery templates.


These round perforated plates were designed to practice hand embroidery. They hanged on the wall (with threads and needles beside) and invied visitors to sit for a wile and dive into the silent world of embroidery. By doing it we share the awareness of one’s own creativity, and the importance and power of hand-work.

Embroidery is a universal and simple technique so it is accessible to people regardless of gender, age, occupation, knowledge, skill. It reinforces the core values – a genuine connection with each other and patience, perseverance, confidence and willpower.  At the same time evokes the traditional ways of socializing with manual work and looking for solutions that are appropriate for the present time.


The project was presented: RED THREAD – international exhibition of Slovenian and Croatian textile artists, Zagreb, Croatia and VEZI/LEGAMI/LINKS – wooden design from Slovenia, Trieste, Italy and Ribnica, Slovenia



Photography: Oloop Archive